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Clavicle plate is used for luxation of acromioclavicular joint, for locking of the position of the clavicle against the acromioclavicular joint, lateral clavicle fracture and dislocation of acromioclavicular joint. The plate is leaned on the shoulder blade with the help of a hook and in this way it fixes the fracture better.

The clavicle plate has several locking holes, one oval and some holes for ligaments anchoring that are pulled out of lateral clavicle end during an accident.

The possibility of plate fixation with locking screws enables sufficient stability even without direct contact of the plate with a bone and thus makes ideal conditions for fracture healing also by periostal muscle in this location and stability of acromioclavicular connection.

The clavcile plates´ hooks are of these sizes: 12; 15 and 18 mm. The shank parts of plates have from 5 to 8 holes.

To these angularly stable plates are used locking screws self-tapping with diameters 3,5 mm and 3,5/2,7 mm.

Angularly stable plates
The system is based on the principle of the inner fixator. By means of the tight connection "screw-plate", the angularly stable connection is achieved between the plate and the bone. This transfers part of the weight from the screw-bone connection to the screw-plate connection. Thanks to that it is possible to use the system successfully even in a less quality and an osteoporotic bone.
If the angularly stable plate is used with locking bone screws, the plate and the screws make tight system together. The plate does not have to be pushed against the bone therefore the bone still gets sufficient supply of the blood. Locking bone screws can be introduced monocortically without enfeebling the strength of the configuration or the fracture fixation, because the screws are firmly anchored in the plate.