Upravit stránku

On Thursday, 13 October, Abkhazia's TV news, among other things, the company has devoted to MEDIN (time 6:00 in the video below).

Broadcast resulted in information that the specialists of the company organized the expert seminar for the MEDIN Traumatology physician from Abkhazia. Was implemented, in addition to the theoretical part, also part of the practical. The closer the tools introduced the MEDIN, you already successfully operating in the Russian doctors.
In the report, is also the appreciation of the practical workshops from the perspective of our distributor. It expresses the fact that already has taken place a few lessons led by well-known professors from the United States and because of their success is their implementation in order to continue. For physicians prepared artificial bones, which you can try out effective methods of trauma, particularly the treatment of the calcaneus using a patented heel spike C-NAIL company MEDIN.
The contribution of one of the parties is positive reactions to workshops and implants MEDIN.