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Thorax Stabilization Set consists of two sets - for ribs - instruments for thorax stabilization and collarbone plates set.

Ribs fractures:
Stabilization with the help of rib plates is indicated for flying chest with paradox ventilation, at injury of four and more ribs, at toracoabdominals injuries, at serial in lever of three or more ribs, when the pleura and lungs get damaged by rib fragments with cumulative pneumo and hematoraxem. Plates for ribs stabilization are fixed with 2-4 cortical screws and with the help of protrusions on the plates that are pressed with special tongs towards the ribs.

Fractures of sternum:
Most of the fractures are caused by a fall on a steering wheel in a car, no direct fractures originate from forced body bending forward and back. Diagnostics of dislocated fractures of sternum is based on careful clinical finding and X-ray check up from side and on the slant. New method of fixation of dislocated chest bone is performed by a special plate introduced by bent end from small about 10 mm incision above manubrio of front surface after reposition from small incision by one or two cortical screws.

Sternoclavicular luxation:
In the past years there has been a growth of sternoclavicular luxation with fracture of medial part of key as a result of heavy traffic accidents. Hard devastation of chest with common injury of chest cavity organ, is either together with sternum fracture or with one-sided or both sided sternoclavicular luxation. New plates perfectly fixate splintery factures of medial part and three sizes of plates with different extend according to size of upper aperture for luxation of both sides. Fixation is performed by few cortical screws and protrusions on the plates that are pushed to the collar bone with special forceps.

Advantages of Thorax Stabilization:

  • osteosynthesis of ribs with a plate does not prevent from prime bone healing
  • it is parallely possible to treat injuries of spine, pelvis and limb skelet
  • after the chest stabilization, physical and mechanical parameters of chest wall get improved and this way prevents from difficult traumatogenic deformity
  • hospitalisation time at ARD is shortened
  • the number of complications is reduced and also the number of mortality
  • the need of analgetization and length of intubation is substantially decreased
  • early breath and motoric physiotherapy can be started


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