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Marian Balasoiu, Biomatrix System SRL, Romania

"We started the co-operation with MEDIN in 2008 and the relationship grew stronger over the years, until it become our strategic partner. Apart for top quality products, it is worth mentioning MEDIN people focus, reliability and commitment to the partners. Their quest for innovative products is providing better therapeutic options to both doctors and patients. Nowadays, when few global players are dominating entire industries, the ascent of an independent company like MEDIN is a pleasant surprise to everybody."


Maria Lichtenberg, DENT CAFE SRL

"We like to call MEDIN a collaborator, not a supplier, because from the partnership in between MEDIN and DENT CAFE in Romania, the dentistry market came out with a win-win-win situation. Not only that our companies develop beautiful educational projects, but also the doctors using the competitive products of MEDIN have a constant benefit."

When it comes to the dental products of MEDIN, their quality speaks for itself and we have found so far that the human contact was one of the biggest assets of the company.

We are honored to represent MEDIN on the Romanian market."


Kate Toumba, owner of the company, Neodent S.A

“We have been working with MEDIN, a.s., since year 2011.

It’s not only the superior quality of the products, it’s also the people that establish a warm, fruitful co-operation and a perspective for long-term relationship.

Thank you all, keep up the good work!”


Marian Balasoiu, SC Biomatrix, Romania

"We come across MEDIN at Medica in Dusseldorf, almost 5 years ago. Out of the imensity of the fair they singled out through good looking orthopaedic implants and instruments. We started the colaboration purchasing an item which, at that time, was missing from our offer. The feedback from surgeons was positive, the level of service from MEDIN was good, therefore we decided to increase their share in our range of products to the level that MEDIN is now one of our main manufacturers.

If is to draw a conclusion regarding MEDIN implants I would say that they are high quality products in both functionality and finish. Moreover I appreciate the profesionalism of MEDIN staff and the flexible commercial policy of the company which was very helpful during the difficult days of the economic crisis. I hope that Medin will expand the its range of products (here is still room for improvement) and become a refference name for the industry."

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