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Besides having its own research and development base, a necessary precondition for the innovative capacity of the company and the ability to sell its products in the demanding market conditions is its capability of providing high-quality related services. One of these services the company is successfully involved in is the organization of specialized training sessions, practical workshops and seminars especially for young surgeons and other medical staffs. These training sessions are provided within the vocational education of medical staffs in the form of teaching of operation procedures with new or innovated products of the company.

Specialized seminars are given by top and renowned surgeons especially in the fields of traumatology, orthopaedics and surgery, with whom the company has managed to establish a long-term successful cooperation.
The training sessions are held in the training centre situated directly within the site of the company MEDIN or on the client’s premises.

To get more detailed information about planned and ongoing training sessions, please contact Ing. Aneta Benešová.