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Cooperation with surgeons

We put your ideas into practice. We are looking for you, experts, who want to get involved in development of new implants and instruments. We want to improve our products with you. We offer partnership concerning solving your ideas and plans and we will be happy to discuss the implementation with you. Choose the most convenient way of cooperation.

If you have an original, commercially applicable idea, we can offer a long-term cooperation to you.

We will be happy to participate in the implementation of research and development projects as well as dissertations.

How the cooperation works:

  • any surgeon or professional that is interested in the development of new MEDIN products can get involved
  • you can bring a completely new idea or be involved in running projects
  • it is a mutually benefitial, constructive cooperation 

Why to cooperate with MEDIN:

  • you can actively participate in the development of products that are used by surgeons in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • you can use your experience in an interesting branch that is directly related to medicine
  • you can eliminate weak points of products you are working with
  • you can contribute to a higher comfort of the patient and surgeon’s work

How to start:

Let´s discuss innovations. Please, contact the development manager, Ing. Oldrich Pospichal.

Successful projects we have implemented in cooperation with surgeons

  1. Development of an operative technique for pelvis fractures
    Output: Set of OMEGA splints
  2. Development of an operative technique for calcaneal fractures
    Output: C-NAIL intramedullary nail for calcaneal fractures
  3. Development of a new generation of splits for distal radius osteosynthesis
    Output: Set of implants and instruments
  4. Development of a system for ankle joint arthrodesis
    Output: Set of implants and instruments
  5. Set of instruments for arthroscopic operations
    Output:  ARTROLINE instrument set
  6. X-ray transparent external fixator
    Output: Set for external fixation
  7. Development of a production technology of dental drill bits
    Output: Sets of dental drill bits for cutting of crowns
    Set of endodontic drill bits
  8. Development of a new generation of endodontic instruments
    Output: Set of UNICONE instruments
  9. The osteosynthesis of chest - the project is co-financed by the European Union.
    The project through intersectoral cooperation solves the chest – deals with the research and development of prototypes instruments and implants for stability of the chest wall after rib fractures and clavicle fractures and as well for stability of sternum after heart surgery.

10. From January 1st 2019 to December 31st 2022 we will be realizing the project Innovative Therapeutic Methods of Musculoskeletal System in Accident Surgery (registration No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/17_049/0008441) subsidized by the operational programme Research, Development and Education, call No. 02_17_049 - Long-term Intersectoral Cooperation for ITI (Ostrava agglomeration). 
Total planned expenditure of the project is CZK 78, 485, 476.00 the subsidy amounts to 95 %, i.e. CZK 74, 561, 202.20. 
Within the project, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, University of Ostrava, MEDIN, a.s., The University Hospital in Ostrava and Orthopaedic Prosthetics Frýdek-Místek, s.r.o. will participate on the solution of three research intents: 
•    Development of new materials for traumatology and optimization of their properties;
•    The processes of biochemical interaction of osteosynthetic materials with living tissue;
•    Advanced Technologies for Support of Treatment of Fractures.

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