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Apexlocator MEDIN Woodpex III

The basic parameter for successful endodontic treatment is correct and precise work-length determination, guaranteed by the MEDIN Woodpex III apexlocator.

"The device itself is modern in appearance, a traditional stand construction with a sturdy base and a possibility to recline body with a display. It is ergonomically designed whether in a standing position on the desk or in the assistant's hand. It is also possible to use the device when sterilizing contact parts. The basic package corresponds to the current requirements of an infection control within the normal operation. No need to buy hooks and clips, everything is inside. The operating itself is a non-conflicting, intuitive, design is user-friendly. Overall, this device made an impression on me, despite of my spoilage by "apples.”
MUDr. Daniel Černý, DLC Dent s.r.o.
"The dimensions and design of the MEDIN Woodpex III are very well arranged. The backlight of the display is non-aggressive, the colours were also well chosen. The contact parts are sterilisable. The clear arrangement and simplicity of the device is beneficial to me from the user's point of view, as well as I appreciate the control of the volume of the sound signalling. I am very glad that the Czech manufacturer of the endodontic NiTi instruments is also able to offer an apexlocator, which in my opinion is able to compete with foreign companies."
MDDr. Alexandr Jusku, Institute of Dentistry and Oral Sciences - Palacký University Olomouc
"The use of an apexlocator for determination of the working length in endodontic treatment is an unquestionable standard today. Its accuracy (approx.  97 %) significantly exceeds the accuracy of the working length determination by X-ray imaging (approx.  80 %), the more the use of tactile sensation and painful feelings of the patient (about 42 %).

It is interesting, that the first attempts to measure the length of root canals using an electrical equipment date back to the 1920s, but the first truly functional devices began to appear only after 2000. This technology can be considered "mastered” today, on top of that the technological progress in electronics have radically reduced the price of these devices and made them widely available. Therefore, along with its unquestionable accuracy, the use of the apexlocator for the determination of the working length is now the first choice method.
The MEDIN Woodpex III Apexlocator, manufactured in close collaboration with the well-established company Woodpecker, uses the today widely used multifrequency principle of the root canal length determination to ensure the accuracy of the result independently of the environment (fluid, pulp residue) in the root canal.
The device has a compact design, it does not need any additional settings and does not have any unnecessary features - simply "turn on and measure". The main switch, the demo-program button and the button of the volume sound signalling are to be found on the front panel. The Apexlocator is equipped with an internal but replaceable battery, a mains charger and a set of replacement cables, hooks and clips etc. and a tester to verify the correct function.
The measured length is clearly displayed on the display, perhaps using a scale other than a millimetre one could be criticized - a distance of 0.5 mm from the apex measured by another device corresponds to a value of 02, which is shown in the centre of the green field as well as by the competitor. I consider the absence of a "short-circuit protection" to be a good thing - the device does not respond in any way for some devices, when direct contact of the electrodes happens. The value of -3 with a sound signalling "far beyond apex," is shown here when the "short circuit" happens so it is easy to verify the faultless cable function, which of course is subject to gradual wear and tear. 
All in all, the MEDIN Woodpex III Apexlocator offers high functionality connected with a welcoming design, all together for a friendly price, so I can only recommend it!"

MUDr. Jan Prouza, Prouzovi s.r.o.
You can find more information about the apexlocator in the leaflet.

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