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Unicone PLUS – Complete Reciprocal System for Root canal Treatment

A new complete line of reciprocal files brings unlimited possibilities of root canal treatment. A higher technical level of heat treatment allows produce NiTi files with no memory effect to do the prepation of more complex channels.

Unicone GP
Now, the reaching of full working length is more easier, safer faster and accurate. A Unicone GP is brand new reciprocal instrument with unique design for glide path. 

Unicone PLUS
Our new line of reciprocal files brings other ISO sizes with taper 6% and 4%. Specially files ISO 035 and 040 working in apical part of root canal instead of coronal one.  

Unicone PLUS – Instruction of use

1. Scouting – using the hand file ISO 010, 015. Reaching the working length (X-Ray, Apexlocator)

2. Glide path – Unicone GP 4/015 – gliding path by means of reciprocal movement

3. Shaping – Unicone PLUS 6/025 – treatment of root canal to final length. In some cases, use the Unicone PLUS        6/020

4. Finishing – final treatment of the root canal - the enlargement of full length or the apical third enlargement only.
    Unicone PLUS 6/035, 6/040 – straight and wide root canals
    Unicone PLUS 4/035, 4/040 – narrow, long and extremely curved root canals

Keep the standardized protocol for endodontic treatment of root canals with regular cleaning the files. Recheck the situation by hand file and rinsing properly between all steps.

The information leaflet you can find here.

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