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Canullated bone screws are used in traumatology and orthopaedics for ostheosynthesis, fixation of bone plates to the bone and for nail locking.
Axis of the screw forms lengthwise hole for guiding of appropriate extensive wires; On the wires, introduced in the bone during operation, there are instruments for hole forming and the thread for screw drilling introduced.

  • Self-tapping canullated cortical bone screw HA 3.5
  • Canullated cortical bone screw HA 5
  • Navicular bone screw HB 4.5
  • Self-tapping navicular bone screw HB 4.5
  • Canullated cancellous bone screw HB 7, thread 16 mm
  • Canullated cancellous bone screw HB 7, thread 32 mm

Bone screws are made of implant steel ISO 58321E.

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