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The long humeral nail enables osteosynthesis of arm-bone, it is introduced in the antegrade way. More variants of locking allow good fixation of bone fragments. The nails are full and have a circular section with diameter 6; 7and 8 mm. The nail sizes are: 190; 210; 230; 250; 270 and 290 mm.

The long nail is intended for the treatment of:

  • both stable and unstable fractured parts of humerus head
  • pathological fractures
  • pseudoarthritis

Long humeral nail implant system consists of one humeral nail right or left of diameter 6; 7 or 8 mm and from one to four spongious screws of a diameter 4 mm that lock the nail in the humerus head. Then there are cortical self-tapping screws of diameter 3,5 mm for locking of other nails holes. The screws of diameter 2,7 mm are used for nails with diameter of 6 mm. It is possible to close the nail with a stopper.

Long humeral nails are made of implant steel (ISO 5832-1) or titanium alloy Ti6Al4V (ISO 5832–3).

Aiming device for proximal humeral nail:

  • x-ray transparent arms
  • light-weight design
  • distal aiming device for fast and safe targeting

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