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The short reconstruction nail enables the synthesis of all splintered pertrochanteric, intertrochanteric and upper sub-trochanteric fractures, including the combination of these with the neck fracture.

The nail has a circular cross-section. The proximal length, which is 80 mm (regardless of the size of the nail), is strengthened to 15 mm. The 90-mm proximal part is deflected by 6°30´. This deflection enables insertion of the nail from the top of the greater trochanter. The nail is universal and can be used for the right as well as left limb. The nail is hollow and can therefore be inserted along the guide wire. Its length is 200 mm, diameters 11 and 13 mm. The company can also deliver the full nail with a length of 225 mm, diameters 11 and 13 mm.

The nails are made of implant steel ISO 58321E or Titanium Ti6Al4V ELI ISO 5832-3.

Aiming device PFN MEDIN 130° / 135 °

  • aiming device for proximal femoral nail
  • x-ray transparent arm
  • full position control in axia l projecti on
  • color-coded

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