Upravit stránku

Kirschner wires and K-wires are used to make bone fragments stationary and stabilized during fracture treatment, elongation of limbs, skeletal fixation, inner ostheosynthesis, osteotomy, arthrodesis, correction of deformities, revision procedures where other methods do not work, as guide elements to reach inner traction of bone fragments, guidance of instruments during hole pre-drilling and tapping of threads, guidance of cannulated implants e.g. screws, during introduction of binding and suturing materials.

MEDIN, a.s. uses name "Kirschner wires" for wires that have flat or spiral grooves on the pointed end. The opposite end is for clamping and its shape is cylindrical or with a facet.

Screw wires have thread in the shank part, it prevents from axial shifting of bone tissue. Wires with stopper have shank with a protrusion to hold the wire in the bone or in an implant. Wires with eyelet have a groove in the flat part to hold binding or suturing material that is introduced by wire on a specific place in the body.