Upravit stránku

Elastic nails are used for elastic stable intramedullar osteosynthesis that is indicated for treatment of diaphyseal and metaphyseal fractures in children.

Indication and contraindication

Type of fracture:

  • diagonal fractures
  • short oblique or diagonal fractures with wedge fragment
  • long oblique fractures with possibility of cortical supporting point
  • more fragmented or bifocal fractures
  • spiral fractures
  • pathological diaphysial fractures at juvenile bone cysts

Localization of fracture:

  • diaphysis of femur and shank
  • distal metaphysis of femur
  • femur subtrochanterally
  • shank distal metaphysis
  • humerus diaphysis and subcapitally
  • diaphysis radia and the ulna
  • neck radia

Special indication:

  • humerus and forearm of adults
  • polytrauma and craniocerebral injury of top of above listed age range

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